Heat Press Sizes Guide for T-Shirt Printing Business

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Heat Press Sizes Guide for T-shirt Printing

Investing in the appropriate tools for your T-shirt printing venture is a crucial decision that business owners must make judiciously. Among these tools, the heat press machine stands out as an essential equipment for T-shirt customization. Therefore, selecting the right heat press sizes becomes a primary concern for novice entrepreneurs. To assist aspiring business owners in making well-informed choices, in this post we will delve into the various sizes available in the market, determine which size suits your needs, and recommend the best heat press machine sizes for your printing business.

Why a Heat Press is Essential for T-Shirt Printing Business

Before delving into the specifics of heat press sizes, many entrepreneurs and beginners may wonder why this post focuses solely on heat press machines. Couldn’t they consider other options? The answer is undoubtedly yes, but the heat press is regarded as a fundamental piece of equipment for T-shirt custom printing.

Among the most popular solutions for T-shirt printing today, dry-sublimation and DTF printing stand out as two of the best techniques for small-to-medium orders. They offer fine details, vibrant colors, excellent durability, washing fastness, and great texture. Both printing techniques require a heat press to work effectively. However, the utility of a heat press extends beyond these methods. It serves as the essential tool for heat transfer printing, enabling the transfer of designs from vinyl, plastisol transfers, and laser transfers onto apparel. In essence, for entrepreneurs looking to start a T-shirt custom printing business, a heat press machine provides the versatility to leverage various printing techniques with a single piece of equipment.

What Heat Press Sizes Are Available in the Market?

Heat press suppliers have developed platens of varying sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of custom t-shirt printing using heat transfer technology. These sizes can range from as small as 4″x6″ for label presses to as large as 40″x64″. In terms of size ranges, all heat press sizes can be categorized into the following four categories:

Galaxy Heat Press Sizes Guide

Extra Small: This size range is commonly referred to as the label press category, which typically includes platens sized at 4”x 6”, 5″x5″, 6” x 6”, and 6” x 8”. These are ideal for printing logos, labels, or intricate designs on various fabrics and small items like baby clothes, tote bags, or shirt sleeves. If you require printing on small areas of larger items, these sizes would be the most suitable heat press options to consider.

Small: This size range encompasses dimensions such as 9” x 12”, 11” x 15”, 12” x 15”, and 14”x 16”. The widely favored A4 size is also part of this category, often sought after by hobbyists. It serves as an excellent tool for applying 8.5” x 11” heat transfers, patches, and other small items onto garments. If you’re seeking a device for garment decoration but have limited working space, this compact size could be an ideal option for your business needs.

Standard: This size range is considered standard for the industry, covering dimensions such as 16” x 16” and 15” x 15”. These sizes are typically large enough to accommodate the needs of most decorators. Heat presses of these sizes often boast greater wattage, facilitating the completion of repetitive prints with ease. Additionally, they are more cost-effective than the next size up. If you’re considering starting a print shop or expanding your custom apparel business, and you need to transfer designs onto various items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, totes, mousepads, and more, this size range may be suitable for your needs.

Standard Large: The standard large size, typically 16” x 20”, is one of the two most popular heat press sizes, alongside the 15” x 15” option. This size is renowned for its versatility, capable of effortlessly accommodating the needs of most apparel decorators. It can effectively apply 11” x 17” transfers, making it ideal for standard sizes of t-shirt designs, such as full fronts and full backs. Additionally, it’s suitable for tasks like applying names and numbers for sports teams, offering ample space for various design applications.

Extra Large: The extra-large size range encompasses heat press sizes ranging from 18” x 20” to a colossal 40” x 64”. These presses boast expansive dimensions beyond the typical requirements of most users and come with a hefty price tag. Considering their substantial size and cost, they may not be the most practical choice for standard t-shirt printing applications. If you’re contemplating investing in a heat press of this magnitude, it’s advisable to seek professional guidance to ensure it aligns with your specific business needs and objectives.

What’s the Best Heat Press Size for T-Shirt Printing?

If there are the best heat press sizes in the market, what we recommend would be the two most popular sizes we just mentioned above: 15” x 15” and 16” x 20”. Here are the reasons why these two are considered as the best heat press sizes for T-shirt printing business:


These two heat press sizes are highly recommended primarily because they enable t-shirt printing business owners to tackle most printing tasks effectively, ensuring they don’t miss out on potential customers and orders. With their versatile printing dimensions, these heat press sizes offer ample space to accommodate various printing requirements, from standard t-shirt designs to larger graphics and intricate details.

Cost Effectiveness

When considering both cost and performance factors, the 15” x 15” and 16” x 20” heat press sizes emerge as the most cost-effective choices for business runners. In contrast to larger sizes ranging from 18” x 20” to 40” x 64”, these smaller options offer a balance between affordability and functionality. Despite their relatively compact dimensions, they are capable of fulfilling a wide range of printing needs, making them ideal investments for businesses seeking efficient and budget-friendly solutions.


In addition to their versatility and cost-effectiveness, these two heat press platen sizes are also widely regarded as some of the most popular options available in the market. Their widespread popularity means that most dealers are likely to carry these sizes compared to other options. This accessibility ensures that users can easily perform maintenance and replacement tasks, as they can quickly source parts and assistance from nearby dealers. This minimizes downtime and helps avoid disappointing customers due to extended waiting periods.

How to Choose Heat Press Size for Your T-Shirt Printing Business?

There isn’t a one-fit-all sizes for all T-shirt printing business but you might follow the following steps to decide and choose he idea heat press size to boost business profit and brand awareness.

Start by Assessing Your Business Needs

Before delving into a comparison of size options, it’s crucial to evaluate your business needs. Review your order history and solidify your business plan, ensuring absolute clarity on the required platen size for current and future orders. Consider documenting all necessary platen sizes and prioritizing them based on their significance to your business. This organized approach simplifies decision-making, particularly when faced with uncertainty about where to begin.

Explore the Benefits of Using Multiple Heat Press Sizes

Ideally, after assessing your business requirements, you may discover the perfect heat press size for your t-shirt custom printing venture. However, in many instances, a single size may not suffice. Additional heat press sizes enable businesses to cater to a broader range of clientele, unlocking numerous possibilities and expanding growth potential. If your current operations involve projects of varying sizes and the costs are manageable, investing in multiple sizes would be a prudent and strategic decision.

Consider Your T-Shirt Printing’s Largest Print Size

When faced with the decision of selecting just a few heat press sizes from the myriad of options available, prioritizing the largest print size of your business is recommended. While smaller items can often be accommodated on a larger heat press platen, the reverse is not feasible. Therefore, investing in the largest size ensures versatility and capability to handle a wide array of projects. By focusing on the largest size, you streamline your equipment needs while maintaining flexibility in meeting the demands of your business.

Select a Heat Press with Adjustable Platen Sizes

While many heat press suppliers provide the option to alter platen sizes, it’s crucial to highlight this aspect during your heat press selection process. This feature enables business owners to utilize various platens for projects of varying sizes using a single piece of equipment. For businesses frequently managing items of different dimensions, obtaining additional platens is a more cost-effective solution than purchasing multiple machines. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that the chosen heat press machine offers easy access to change platens of different sizes and a comprehensive range of platen sizes to cover your business needs seamlessly.

Best Heat Press Machine for T-Shirt Printing?

If you are looking for a heat press for your T-shirt printing business and have no idea which one to use, this part is right for you. Though Galaxy provide a complite heat press line for business of all sizes and stages of their business, GS-105HS is the overall best heat press for T-shirt printing. Here are the reasons why we believe you should consider GS-105HS for your business.

Popular Heat Press Sizes

The GS-105HS comes with a default 16″x20″ platen, with the option to add a 15″x15″ platen for an additional fee. This flexibility allows customers to choose the size that best suits their needs. With the standard size, business owners can effortlessly tackle a wide range of apparel decoration tasks. In fact, you may find that a second equipment is unnecessary, especially considering that we offer a remarkable 10-year warranty on the heat platen – a level of assurance that sets us apart from other suppliers in the industry.

Patented RAMLOCK System – For Platen Qucik Change

The GS-105HS features our patented locking system, allowing for effortless switching between platen sizes. This convenient setup makes it simple for users to adjust the machine for various projects of different sizes, streamlining the workflow and enhancing efficiency.

Galaxy 16x20 heat press 105HS 2
RAMLOCK System for Quick Change of Platens

Universal Compatibility: Adaptable to All Platen Sizes

In addition to its seamless platen-changing capability, the GS-105HS is fully compatible with all the platens we offer. This means users can leverage platens of various sizes from our product line to accommodate projects of any size requirements. Here are all the available sizes for our heat press machine::

PlatenSizeItem No.Applicable Heat PressApplicable Blanks
00064″*4″J.02.07.0006Galaxy RAMLOCK Platenslower platen for logo
0005Dia 4″J.02.07.0005Galaxy RAMLOCK Platenslower platen for sequin coin bag
00046″*6″J.02.07.0004Galaxy RAMLOCK Platenslower platen for lunch bag
00076″*10″J.02.07.0007Galaxy RAMLOCK Platenslower platen for easter bag
00086″*20″J.02.07.0008applicable heat press 303lower platen for trousers
00098″*10″J.02.07.0009Galaxy RAMLOCK Platenslower platen for m bag
001111″*15″J.02.07.0011Galaxy RAMLOCK Platenslower platen for l bag
Perfect fit with
A3 DTF printer
J.02.07.0066Galaxy RAMLOCK Platenslower platen for 1515
001215″*15″J.02.07.0012applicable heat press 303lower platen for pillow case
001316″*20″J.02.07.0013applicable heat press 303lower platen for tshirt

Patented RAMSPIN – Auto/Manual Open Option

Our GS-105HS features our exclusive patented RAMSPIN design, enabling users to seamlessly transition between auto-open and manual open operation modes with a single click of the “spin” button. This intuitive button allows users to select their preferred working mode in a matter of seconds.

Galaxy 16x20 heat press 105HS 1
RAMSPIN – Auto/Manual Open Model Switch In Seconds

Dressable Slider-out Lower Platen

The GS-105HS comes equipped with a slider-out lower platen design, allowing users to effortlessly position shirts for printing. This design alleviates the risk of burns that can occur due to limited space, commonly experienced with clamshell designs.

Slide-out Drawer Clamshell Heat Press
Slider-out Design for Easier Shirts Positioning

In addition to the slider-out design for the lower platen, Galaxy has engineered the base structure and lower platen to be dressable. This feature enables t-shirt printing business owners to seamlessly adjust the printing size between the front and back of garments without any additional effort.

Galaxy 16x20 heat press 105HS 3
Dressable Design for Easier Printing Side Switch

Interchangeable Control Box

To streamline maintenance procedures, the GS-105HS incorporates an interchangeable control box. This innovative feature enables technicians to replace the control box within minutes, enhancing customer experience, and elevating your business’s reputation and brand awareness.

Galaxy Press 16x20 heat press GS 105HS
Interchangeable Control Box

Precise Pressure Control

In addition to the aforementioned features and designs, the GS-105HS boasts precise pressure control settings. It provides pressure scale display and control in 1-9 different levels, empowering users with precise control over pressure during heat transfer operations.


From small startups to established enterprises, finding the ideal heat press size is a game-changer in the world of T-shirt printing. Our guide simplifies the process, helping you make informed decisions tailored to your business needs. Don’t let the abundance of options overwhelm you. With expert insights and practical tips, we’ll guide you towards the perfect fit for your operation. Take the guesswork out of heat press sizes and embark on a journey of growth and prosperity now. And if you found this post helpful or have any insights to share with us, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We value your feedback and would love to hear from you!

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