Introducing Ramslide: Redefining Pressure Adjustment in Mug Pressing

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gs-205B pro

The invention of the first mug press machine opened doors for countless entrepreneurs and creators to transform their ideas into thriving businesses, significantly impacting people’s lives. As technology evolves, it brings convenience to all of us, which is why companies like Galaxy Press have continuously strived to find the easiest and most user-friendly solutions for our customers. Since the very first day of our establishment, we have been pushing the boundaries of technology by developing new products and creative systems like Ramspin and Ramlock. And today, we are so thrilled to introduce our latest patented Ramslide system, which we believe is a game-changer in the mug pressing industry.

Common Struggles with Conventional Mug Press Machines

GS 205B Plus

Although the GS-205 Plus has been a popular mug press machine in the market and has received very positive feedback, users often face two major struggles typical of conventional mug presses when it comes to adjusting pressure.

Before we delve into the details, let’s first understand how pressure adjustment works in a traditional mug press. For users of mug presses, adjusting pressure for mugs of different sizes involves placing the mug in position, tightening the “Adjust Handle” incrementally, and then checking the pressure. Typically, this process needs to be repeated at least twice to achieve the correct pressure, which can take at least a few minutes. This complex process can present several challenges for users.

Challenge 1: Time-Consuming Process

The most challenging aspect for mug press users is the time needed for each mug. For DIY users or small orders, this might not be an issue. However, because users must repeat the pressure adjustment process for each individual mug—even for mugs of the same size—labor costs for medium to large orders can become excessively high. This can make your pricing less attractive and may result in losing orders and customers.

Challenge 2: Physical Strain from Repeated Adjustments

Pressing a single mug is usually manageable for most users. However, if you need to press several mugs in a short period of time, your hands and arms might start to feel sore and painful from the repetitive adjustments. This discomfort can slow down your workflow and affect your productivity. Adopting a new approach to pressure adjustment becomes essential to streamline the process and avoid physical strain. By optimizing your method, you can improve efficiency and protect your well-being.

Challenge 3: Risk of Uneven Pressure Distribution

In addition to the challenges of time consumption and physical strain, the conventional method of adjusting pressure can also result in uneven pressure across different ends of the mug. This is because users adjust the pressure handle incrementally and manually, which may lead to inconsistencies. This lack of uniformity can impact the quality of the pressed designs and the durability of the finished product.

How Galaxy Press’s Ramslide Fixes These Problems

In response to the three challenges and struggles users face with the conventional pressure adjustment system, Galaxy Press decided to develop a creative new system which we named as Ramslide to offer users an easier and faster approach, so users could focus more on the joy of creating and less on cumbersome adjustments.


Here’s how the Ramslide system simplifies and speeds up pressure adjustment. When users need to press a new mug, they can place the mug in position and then either push the “Adjustable Mug Heater Fixture” or push both “Ball Knobs” to ensure the mug heater fixture tightly grips the mug surface, providing the exact pressure needed for pressing. Once in place, users can tighten the “Fasten Handle” to secure the mug heater fixture and prevent it from shifting. By implementing the Ramslide system, we aim to deliver the following benefits and conveniences:

Benefit 1: Faster Speed for Higher Productivity

The push-and-fix settings allow users to achieve the desired pressure within seconds, as opposed to the few minutes needed with conventional mug presses. This ease of use enables users to efficiently handle small to medium orders with minimal effort, significantly boosting productivity and allowing them to produce printed tumblers or mugs at lower costs, staying ahead of competitors.

Additionally, we provide three marks for popular sizes of tumblers and mugs. If you regularly press these three sizes, you can quickly achieve the correct pressure by positioning the mug heater to the desired mark. If your orders often involve different sizes, you can use a marker to indicate the size you frequently or currently work with, further speeding up production.

Benefit 2: Comfortable and Easy Operation

Using a conventional mug press machine that relies on two screw bolts for pressure adjustment can be a painful process, as users often have to tighten and loosen the bolts with their bare hands multiple times to achieve the right pressure. The push-and-fix mechanism speeds up the process and eliminates this frustrating aspect. Ramslide’s intuitive design ensures that even after pressing many mugs, your arms and hands remain comfortable without feeling sore or strained. Its user-friendly operation allows you to work efficiently and avoid the physical discomfort often found with traditional mug presses.

Benefit 3: Even Pressure Distribution

In conventional mug presses, pressure needs to be adjusted from side to side, which can lead to uneven pressure distribution across mugs and tumblers. In contrast, the Ramslide structure requires users to push the entire mug heater fixture to achieve the ideal pressure for pressing. This design minimizes the risk of uneven pressure distribution, resulting in more consistent, high-quality prints from your designs.

GS-205B Plus to Pro: Upgrade Kit for Better Performance

To help customers of our dealers who carry the previous GS-205B Plus model enjoy these incredible features, conveniences, and benefits, we developed an upgrade kit that allows them to convert the GS-205B Plus to the GS-205B Pro. If you are currently using the GS-205B Plus for mug pressing and are interested in upgrading, you can consult the dealer from whom you originally purchased the GS-205B Plus.

Adjustment Upgrade Kit
Adjustment Upgrade Kit

We have a helpful guide video available that demonstrates how to upgrade your GS-205B Plus to the GS-205B Pro. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to use the upgrade kit and make the necessary adjustments for a seamless transition. By following the instructions in the video, you can quickly enhance your mug pressing experience and start enjoying the new features and benefits of the GS-205B Pro.


With Ramslide, Galaxy Press brings a game-changing approach to mug pressing that not only solves common issues but also streamlines the process for unparalleled results. It’s time to upgrade from GS-205B Plus with confidence and take your production to the next level.

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