Struggling to Boost Productivity for Mug Business? Here’s the Only Mug Press Machine You’ll Ever Need!

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205B-Pro-the Only Mug Press Machine You'll Ever Need to Boost Productivity

Tumbler and mug printing is a growing market, and like many creators, we find joy in pressing and witnessing our designs come to life to surprise our customers. However, amidst this enjoyment, some experiences can hinder our process. One of the most frustrating challenges arises when heat pressing several mugs, especially those of varying sizes. Adjusting the right pressure for each mug not only consumes time (you might need to repeat the process for few times to get the right pressure) but also causes physical discomfort, leaving arms sore and achy.

Like many other mug business operators, we are constantly seeking solutions to eliminate this cumbersome process. The recent launch of our patented Ramslide system for the GS-205B Pro mug press machine has been a significant relief and time-saver for us. If you’re also seeking tools to enhance productivity in your mug business, look no further. We’re confident that this is the ultimate solution available in the market.

Boost Productivity with Patented Ramslide System

Although the Ramslide system was recently released, the feedback from our current customers has been exceptionally positive. This is primarily due to how significantly the Ramslide system speeds up the pressure adjusting process, resulting in productivity more than doubling. To better illustrate how the Ramslide system works, we can compare this patented system with conventional pressure adjusting systems.

205B Pro 1

The Conventional Way of Pressure Adjustment: Guesswork

Similar to feedback from end users, the conventional pressure adjustment system relies on guesswork, typically using two screw bolts for pressure adjustment. Users must adjust the handle screws incrementally to achieve the desired pressure, relying on trial and error to determine if it’s too tight or loose when pressing down the pressure handle. Even experienced professionals often need to repeat this process multiple times to achieve the ideal pressure. This unavoidably time-consuming process is characteristic of conventional mug press machines like our GS-205B Plus.

GS 205B Plus

The Ramslide Way: Pull & Push, Pressure Tweak In A Flick

The patented Ramslide system operates in a completely different manner. It simply requires users to pull and push to achieve the ideal pressure, eliminating guesswork and trial and error. This allows end users to attain the desired pressure instantly within seconds. For added convenience and safety, using protective gloves, users can achieve the ideal pressure even faster by pushing the entire bracket to securely cover and stabilize mugs for heat transfer.

gs-205B pro

Furthermore, the incline adjustment lever is equipped with scale marks tailored for popular mug sizes such as 40oz, 30oz, 20oz, and 15oz. This feature enables users to directly set the correct pressure for these mug sizes, and they can even mark the sizes they frequently work with on the incline adjustment lever for future usage.

Scale Marks for GS-205B Pro
Scale Marks for GS-205B Pro

All these features are geared towards a single primary objective: enhancing productivity and efficiency in mug businesses or DIY craft projects.

In summary, the patented Ramslide system revolutionizes the conventional mug pressing experience by offering increased speed for higher productivity, comfortable and straightforward operation, and more uniform pressure distribution compared to traditional mug press machines. For further details, you can refer to our earlier post titled “Introducing Ramslide: Redefining Pressure Adjustment in Mug Pressing“.

How to Upgrade Your Conventional Mug Press Into A Powerhouse?

To allow our current users of the conventional mug press machine GS-205B Plus to experience the convenience and advantages of the patented Ramslide system, we offer an upgrade kit to transform the GS-205B Plus into the GS-205B Pro.

Adjustment Upgrade Kit
Adjustment Upgrade Kit

Switching from the conventional pressure adjustment to the Ramslide system requires some tools, but the process is straightforward. We also provide a video guide that offers step-by-step instructions for the installation process.

The Only Mug Press Machine You’ll Ever Need to Boost Productivity & Sales

For business owners or DIY crafters seeking an efficient mug press solution with high productivity but haven’t used the GS-205B Plus before, they can skip the entire replacement process and begin enjoying the ultimate convenience and fastest speed with the GS-205B Pro. If there’s a mug press machine that can significantly enhance your productivity, the GS-205B Pro would certainly be our top recommendation. However, the rationale behind this recommendation extends well beyond just the Ramslide system.

Print Two/Three Mugs Simultaneously

Another feature that enhances productivity is the extended heater, specifically designed to simultaneously print two 11oz or 15oz ceramic mugs. This dual/triple printing capability not only improves efficiency but also boosts productivity, enabling users to fulfill orders more rapidly and effortlessly. However, this capability is more of a necessity than an optional feature. Why? Because heating only one mug can lead to uneven heat distribution across the heater, potentially causing damage and reducing its lifespan.

GS-205B Pro Print Two/Three Mugs Simultaneously
GS-205B Pro Print Two/Three Mugs Simultaneously

Versatile Drinkware Printing

The ability of a single mug press machine to handle a variety of drinkware types and sizes is crucial for businesses that frequently receive orders for different drinkware items but have budget constraints for additional equipment. The extended heater of the GS-205B Pro can accommodate a wide range of sublimation tumblers, mugs, cups, and bottles, allowing users to print on various sizes and types with just one press.

GS-205B Pro Mug Press
GS-205B Pro Mug Press

To accommodate various types and sizes of drinkware, typically different heaters or heating attachments are needed to fit different designs. In this regard, the GS-205B Pro is compatible with most of our mug heaters, enabling business owners and crafters to unleash their creativity with a single mug press machine.

NameItem No.PhotoTop DiameterBottom DiameterHeight
Mug Heater for 11oz Mug(White)J.02.06.0009-110V J.02.06.0008-220VMug Heater for 11oz MugWhite72MM72MM120MM
Mug Heater for 6oz Mug(White)J.02.06.0019-220VMug Heater for 6oz MugRed58MM58MM120MM
Mug Heater for 12oz MugJ.02.06.0015-110V J.02.06.0018-220VMug Heater for 12oz Mug80MM54MM116MM
Mug Heater for 17oz MugJ.02.06.0017-110V J.02.06.0016-220VMug Heater for 17oz Mug77MM50MM162MM
Mug Heater for 11oz/15oz MugJ.02.06.0035-110V J.02.06.0021-220VMug Heater for 11oz15oz Mug72MM72MM140MM
Mug Heater for Aluminum bottleJ.02.06.0037-110V J.02.06.0022-220VMug Heater for Aluminum bottle60MM60MM170MM
Mug Heater for 30oz TumblerJ.02.06.0048-110V J.02.06.0047-220VMug Heater for 30oz Tumbler70MM70MM300MM
Mug Heater for 30oz TumblerJ.02.06.0032-110V J.02.06.0026-220VMug Heater for 30oz Tumbler 1100MM95MM105MM
Mug heater for 450ml Straw Tumbler & 500ml ShakerJ.02.06.0040-110V J.02.06.0038-220VMug heater for 450ml Straw Tumbler 500ml Shaker88MM65MM170MM
Mug heater for 12oz Stemless TumblerJ.02.06.0041-110V J.02.06.0039-220VMug heater for 12oz Stemless Tumbler87MM75MM95MM
Mug Heater for 1.5oz Shot GlassJ.02.06.0043-110V J.02.06.0044-220VMug Heater for 1.5oz Shot Glass48MM30MM75MM
Mug Heater for 750ml TumblerJ.02.06.0030mug heater for 750ml tumbler77.9MM77.9MM230MM

Easy Maintenance with Interchangeable Control Box

While the interchangeable control box may not directly enhance productivity and efficiency, it stands out as a feature designed for easy maintenance. Dealers and wholesalers can keep extra units of the control box in stock. This allows them to promptly ship replacements to users who need them, enabling quick and straightforward replacement within minutes. This approach minimizes downtime for users, preventing further losses and enhancing user satisfaction. Additionally, it helps dealers boost brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Interchangeable Control Box for Easy Maintenance
Interchangeable Control Box for Easy Maintenance


In summary, if you’re struggling to enhance productivity in your mug business, look no further than the game-changing [mug press machine] GS-205B Pro. Say goodbye to guesswork with its intuitive Ramslide system, allowing you to adjust pressure effortlessly and accurately with just a simple pull and push. Upgrading your conventional mug press into a powerhouse has never been easier, thanks to our comprehensive upgrade kit and step-by-step video guide. Whether you’re printing multiple mugs simultaneously, experimenting with versatile drinkware sizes, or ensuring minimal downtime with interchangeable control boxes, the GS-205B Pro offers everything you need for unmatched efficiency and success in mug printing.

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