Kickstart Your Tumbler Business with The Best Tumbler Heat Press Machine

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How to start tumbler business with best tumbler heat press machine

Tumblers have surged in popularity as a go-to option for personalized gifts and promotional merchandise. The widespread presence of Stanley tumblers across social media has shed light on the immense potential of this market. If you’re on the hunt for a lucrative business venture, diving into the custom tumbler industry could prove to be a promising niche to explore. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into whether starting a tumbler business is worth it, the expected earnings, startup costs, the best tumbler heat press machine for home-based operations, and provide a step-by-step walkthrough to get you started.

Is tumbler business worth it?

While numerous niche markets exist for entrepreneurs and business starters, the custom tumbler business stands out as a highly recommended option. Here are several compelling reasons why the tumbler business sits at the forefront of our list of business ideas:

  • High Demand: Tumblers are a popular and trendy product, making the market ripe with potential customers.
  • Customization Trend: Customized tumblers are in high demand, offering personalized options for customers, which can lead to higher profit margins.
  • Low Overhead: Starting a tumbler business typically requires minimal equipment and space, making it a cost-effective venture to launch.
  • Diverse Customer Base: Tumblers appeal to a wide range of customers, including individuals, businesses, and organizations, providing multiple avenues for sales.
  • Repeat Business: Customers often purchase multiple tumblers for themselves or as gifts, leading to repeat purchases and ongoing revenue.
  • Flexibility: Tumbler businesses can be operated from home or a small workshop, offering flexibility in work hours and location.
  • Community Engagement: Tumbler businesses can engage with their local community through events, markets, and collaborations, fostering brand loyalty and awareness.
  • Scalability: Tumbler businesses can easily scale operations to meet growing demand by adding more equipment or hiring additional staff.

What’s the best tumbler business solution?

For custom tumbler business, numerous technologies vie for the top spot, each offering its own distinct advantages and features. Here are some of the popular options available in the market:

Screen Printing: Screen printing stands as a traditional method ideal for bulk orders. It shines when intricate logos or complex designs with fine details are in play. With this method, ink is meticulously applied to the tumbler, capturing even the most minute elements with precision. However, the intricate process of screen creation and the high setup costs render it less favorable for small-to-medium businesses.

Laser Engraving: Laser engraving proves ideal for logos, text-based designs, or straightforward graphics meant to endure. By etching directly into the tumbler material, it ensures your imprint remains crisp, resisting fading over countless uses. However, it falls short in producing designs with multiple colors or intricate details.

Heat Press Vinyl (HTV): While heat press vinyl (HTV) is suitable for DIY enthusiasts crafting unique tumblers for personal use, it falls short for serious tumbler businesses. Investing in a dedicated tumbler heat press machine proves more cost-effective and prudent in the long run. HTV’s limitation to one layer per color makes it impractical for designs with rich colors, and its weeding process restricts intricate designs.

Dye-sublimation Printing: Dye-sublimation printing emerges as a top-tier solution for custom tumbler businesses, boasting user-friendly operation, cost-effectiveness, and excellent print quality. This method offers photo-realistic details and vibrant, rich colors, empowering business owners to offer a wide range of design possibilities to customers. Not only does it enhance customer satisfaction, but it also boosts brand awareness and fosters repeat orders, making it a prime choice for entrepreneurs seeking success in the tumbler market.

Start Tumbler Business with Dye-sublimation Printing
Start Tumbler Business with Dye-sublimation Printing

How much does it cost to start a tumbler business?

The initial costs for launching a tumbler business typically encompass essential equipment, tumbler blanks, supplies, website design and development, marketing, and various other miscellaneous expenses.

Costs for Tumbler Heat Press Machine

To kickstart your tumbler business, a tumbler heat press machine is indispensable. The size and capabilities of the machine should align with the variety and volume of tumblers you plan to work with. For businesses handling a diverse range of mugs, tumblers, and cups, a versatile mug press machine is essential to meet varying demands. While basic tumbler press machines can be found starting around $100, a quality tumbler heat press machine typically starts at double that price. Machines with additional functions or features, such as pressing multiple tumblers simultaneously, will naturally incur higher costs.

Costs for Sublimation Printer

Using a standard inkjet printer for dye-sublimation printing is a common and cost-effective approach that can save you hundreds of dollars if you already own one. However, if you prefer a printer specifically designed for sublimation printing, you should explore various product options within the price range of $500 to $2,000, depending on the brand and its features. Choosing the right printer can have a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of your sublimation printing process.

Tumbler Sublimation Blanks Costs

Another major expense in starting a tumbler business is the sublimation tumbler blanks. Unlike regular tumblers, these blanks are specially coated to facilitate dye-sublimation printing. While the cost per tumbler may vary depending on factors like design, size, and type, bulk purchasing from wholesalers typically offers more affordable rates. On average, expect to invest between $5 and $15 per tumbler blank, ensuring your business has the necessary materials for high-quality dye-sublimation printing.

Sublimation Supplies

While dye-sublimation transfer could be printed with common injet printer at home or school, it does require unique paper and inks to make sure the design retain proper ink so designs could be successfully transferred to substrates. Estimate spending approximately $10 to $50 for a pack of sublimation paper for different sizes or from different brands. Initial ink costs for dye-sublimation inks can be around $100 to $200, with additional expenses for replenishment.

Costs for Website Design & Development

If you have coding expertise, you can design your own website from scratch. For those without coding knowledge but enjoy tinkering with technology, platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and Wix offer user-friendly options to customize your website. The costs vary depending on your approach. Creating the website on your own can cost as little as $100 for web hosting. If you prefer to hire a professional service provider, be sure to compare prices and consult with different providers to find the best fit for your business needs.

Marketing Costs

One of the most challenging tasks for tumbler business owners is marketing. Successful marketing means reaching the right audience at the right time with information about your company and products, which is crucial for business growth and profitability. One effective approach is using paid ads to gain immediate exposure to your target audience. Costs will depend on your marketing strategy and the channels you choose. If you want to avoid high initial investment, consider using free marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing (SMM). For optimal results, especially for a new business, consider using a combination of multiple marketing channels with a well-planned strategy. Additionally, performance-based ad placements are great options for testing ad outcomes.

Other Costs

In addition to the previously mentioned costs, there are several other expenses that tumbler business owners should consider. These include the fees for business registration and the cost of designing a logo for your business. Check with your local authorities for registration fees. You can design your business logo yourself using AI tools, or hire a third-party designer. Platforms like Fiverr or Upwork offer affordable options for logo design services with good quality results. If you use designs from the internet to print on tumblers, you may need to pay designers for the rights to use their work for commercial purposes. Other expenses such as packing materials, shipping, workspace, and professional software should also be considered as part of your tumbler business planning process. Factoring in all these costs will help you establish a more comprehensive and realistic budget for your business.

How much money can you make selling tumblers?

There is no one-fit-all answer for this question. How much money you can make selling tumblers depends on your ability to balance production costs, pricing, and marketing efforts. By focusing on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, you can build a successful and profitable custom tumbler business.

If you’re curious about the potential earnings of a tumbler business, here are some figures to consider. The average cost for a tumbler blank is around $5 to $15, while the retail price for a customized tumbler ranges from $10 to $30. This leads to profit margins that typically range from 50% to over 150%.

For instance, if you purchase tumbler blanks for $5 each and sell customized tumblers for $20 (popular tumbler shops on Etsy commonly charge $20 to $30+ per customized stainless steel tumbler), you would make $15 in profit per tumbler sold. If you sell 100 tumblers per month at an average profit of $15 each, that results in $1,500 in earnings. Even after factoring in costs for supplies and marketing, you could still make over $1,000 per month. By investing more in advertising to expand your customer base, you could potentially earn even more.

How to start your tumbler business with tumbler heat press machine?

Starting a new business can be challenging, especially if you lack prior experience or knowledge in the field. However, there are a few simple steps that aspiring entrepreneurs can follow to help set themselves up for success:

Step 1: Conduct market research

Before officially launching your business, it’s crucial to conduct thorough market research to understand current market trends, identify high-profit or high-conversion niche markets, and determine which products and features customers are searching for. You can begin your research by typing relevant keywords into search engines like Google to see what’s popular. Engage with industry experts through social groups or communities on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Reddit for valuable insights. You can also use tools like Google Trends or keyword research tools to gather data on search volume and identify emerging trends. This research will help you make informed decisions and tailor your business strategy to better meet customer demands.

Step 2: Pick your niche market

After conducting market research, you should now have the necessary information to choose a niche market to focus on and create offerings based on your findings. It’s crucial to determine your target customers and develop product listings that cater to their preferences and needs. For a tumbler business, this means deciding on the materials, designs, and sizes of the tumblers you will offer, as well as selecting your preferred technology or solution for customizing the tumblers. Understanding your target customer base will help guide your choices and ensure your offerings align with their tastes and expectations.

Step 3: Make a tumbler business plan

Now that you have conducted your market research and chosen your niche, it’s time to create a detailed business plan to guide your journey. Your business plan should provide a concise overview of your tumbler business, including your mission statement, products and services offered, target market, financial goals, and strategies to achieve those goals. Additionally, outline the resources you’ll need to achieve your business objectives. Keep your plan clear and concise, aiming for two pages in length.

Step 4: Select reliable suppliers

Before you begin creating your website and product listings, it’s crucial to select reliable suppliers for your tumbler blanks, equipment, and other supplies. It’s advisable to test samples before entering into a partnership with any supplier. If your budget or time constraints don’t allow for sample testing, be sure to conduct background research on the company and communicate with their sales team to understand their after-sales support.

Step 5: Build your tumbler business branding

Building your tumbler business branding is essential for establishing a strong market presence. Begin by brainstorming a distinctive business name that reflects your business’s nature and the products or services you offer. This name should be memorable and resonate with your target audience. Next, design a unique and eye-catching logo that captures the essence of your brand and sets you apart from competitors.

Once your name and logo are in place, make sure to register your business with the appropriate authorities to protect your brand identity and secure your legal standing. Consider creating a cohesive visual style across all your branding materials, such as business cards, packaging, and your website, to create a professional and consistent image. By investing time and effort in building a solid brand, you lay the groundwork for long-term success and customer loyalty.

Step 6: Create your business online presence

Whether you start an online store or a local business, having a unique online presence is essential in today’s digital world, as people often search for everything online. For custom tumbler businesses, platforms like Etsy can be a better option than Amazon, eBay, or Walmart due to its focus on handmade and personalized items. If you prefer more control over your online presence and wish to boost your brand identity, using tools like WordPress or Shopify to create a customized website may be a more practical choice.You might begin by creating a customized business website that aligns with your brand’s values and goals, ensuring the colors match your logo design for a cohesive look. Use only high-resolution images to showcase your products professionally.

In addition to your business website, establish detailed business profiles on social media platforms. This way, users can easily find your business and access the information they need, from product offerings to contact details. By combining a professional website with active social media profiles, you enhance your visibility and build a strong online presence for your business.

Step 7: Start marketing your business

Once your website is set up, you can begin marketing your business. Depending on the platform you used to build your website, there may be various marketing channels available. Additionally, there are several other marketing strategies you can employ, regardless of your website platform. These include search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, video marketing, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing. These are all key channels for business owners, and it’s recommended to test a few to find the ones that work best for your business. Some of these marketing channels may require a certain level of expertise, so you may consider using a third-party service.

Step 8: Handle order fulfillment and shipping

Before you start taking orders, it’s essential to streamline and systemize your order processing, production, packaging, and shipping for a smooth operation. Integrate e-commerce platforms like Etsy or Shopify with shipping carriers to simplify tasks and boost efficiency. Clearly communicate production timeframes to customers and use quality packaging to ensure products arrive in excellent condition. Prompt shipping and well-organized operations will help keep customers satisfied and encourage repeat business.

Step 9: Provide excellent customer service

The final tip on starting a successful tumbler press business is to provide exceptional customer service to your clients. Quickly address buyer inquiries and resolve any issues, ensuring they feel supported and valued. Communicate clearly by sharing production status updates if orders are delayed. Gather customer feedback to gain insights for product improvement and innovation. Finally, implement an easy returns or remake policy to enhance customer satisfaction and trust in your business. Prioritizing superior customer service will help you cultivate lasting relationships and boost your reputation in the industry.

The best tumbler heat press machine for home business

Choosing the right tumbler heat press machine is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing productivity for greater profits and business success. With numerous options available, selecting the perfect machine can be a challenge for business owners. Among the different products, the GS-205B Pro stands out as the best tumbler heat press machine from the Galaxy Press product line.

GS-205B Pro Mug Press
GS-205B Pro Mug Press

Patented Ramslide System

The GS-205B Pro mug press is an upgraded model based on the GS-205B Plus, offering patented Ramslide pressure adjustment technology for ultimate convenience and efficiency for tumbler business owners. Unlike the screw bolts used in most mug heat press machines on the market, the GS-205B Pro uses a push-and-pull system for easy pressure adjustment, along with extra marked scales for different mug sizes. This innovative system simplifies the traditional, time-consuming screw bolt adjustments, allowing users to quickly achieve the right pressure with marked scales and fix the pressure with minimal effort. This unique design simplifies the process and significantly boosts productivity.

10 1
Patented Ramslide System

Most Versatile Drinkware Printing

Another reason we recommend the GS-205B Pro is its ability to press tumblers, mugs, and bottles of various designs and sizes. It’s one of the most versatile mug press machines on the market, offering tumbler business starters the flexibility to take orders for all kinds of drinkware without having to invest in different machines. Additionally, it’s the only tumbler press machine in the Galaxy product line that can press all Lopo brand drinkware sublimation blanks with the help of different-sized mug heaters.

NameItem No.PhotoTop DiameterBottom DiameterHeightCompatible Model
Mug Heater for 11oz Mug(Red)J.02.06.0004-110V J.02.06.0006-220VMug Heater for 11oz MugRed72MM72MM120MMGS-203
Mug Heater for 11oz Mug(White)J.02.06.0009-110V J.02.06.0008-220VMug Heater for 11oz MugWhite72MM72MM120MMGS-203/205B Plus
Mug Heater for 6oz Mug(Red)J.02.06.0005-110V J.02.06.0007-220VMug Heater for 6oz MugWhite58MM58MM120MMGS-203
Mug Heater for 6oz Mug(White)J.02.06.0019-220VMug Heater for 6oz MugRed58MM58MM120MMGS-203/205B Plus
Mug Heater for 12oz MugJ.02.06.0015-110V J.02.06.0018-220VMug Heater for 12oz Mug80MM54MM116MMGS-203/205B Plus
Mug Heater for 17oz MugJ.02.06.0017-110V J.02.06.0016-220VMug Heater for 17oz Mug77MM50MM162MMGS-203/205B Plus
Mug Heater for 11oz/15oz MugJ.02.06.0035-110V J.02.06.0021-220VMug Heater for 11oz15oz Mug72MM72MM140MMGS-203TC/GS-206/GS-206M/GS-205B Plus
Mug Heater for Aluminum bottleJ.02.06.0037-110V J.02.06.0022-220VMug Heater for Aluminum bottle60MM60MM170MMGS-203TA/GS-207/GS-207M/GS-205B Plus
Mug Heater for 30oz TumblerJ.02.06.0048-110V J.02.06.0047-220VMug Heater for 30oz Tumbler70MM70MM300MMGS-205B Plus
Mug Heater for 30oz TumblerJ.02.06.0032-110V J.02.06.0026-220VMug Heater for 30oz Tumbler 1100MM95MM105MMGS-205B Plus
Mug heater for 450ml Straw Tumbler & 500ml ShakerJ.02.06.0040-110V J.02.06.0038-220VMug heater for 450ml Straw Tumbler 500ml Shaker88MM65MM170MMGS-205B Plus/GS-209
Mug heater for 12oz Stemless TumblerJ.02.06.0041-110V J.02.06.0039-220VMug heater for 12oz Stemless Tumbler87MM75MM95MMGS-210/GS-205B Plus
Mug Heater for 1.5oz Shot GlassJ.02.06.0043-110V J.02.06.0044-220VMug Heater for 1.5oz Shot Glass48MM30MM75MMGS-205B Plus/GS-205B Pro
Mug Heater for 750ml TumblerJ.02.06.0030mug heater for 750ml tumbler77.9MM77.9MM230MMGS-205B Plus/GS-205B Pro

Unmatched Full-Size Printing Performance

The Ramslide system not only facilitates easy adjustment but also guarantees even pressure for optimal full-size printing performance. This ensures that every print is of the highest quality and meets the expectations of users seeking full-size customization.

8 1

Print Two/Three Mugs Simultaneously.

The lengthened heater is designed to print two 11oz or 15oz ceramic mugs at once. This dual printing capability enhances efficiency and productivity, allowing users to fulfill orders more quickly and with ease.

12 1

Easy Maintenance with Interchangeable Controls.

The control box, featuring an LCD circuit board with colorful indicators, is interchangeable for easy maintenance. This user-friendly design simplifies troubleshooting and ensures that users can easily replace components, minimizing downtime and optimizing the longevity of the machine. This allows dealers to provide the most prompt service to users, maximizing customer satisfaction and boosting business reputation.

7 1
Interchangeable Control Box


Launching a successful tumbler business requires a blend of creativity, strategy, and dedication. The right tumbler heat press machine serves as the backbone of your operation, enabling you to create captivating designs that cater to your target market. By carefully considering your startup costs and projected profits, you can plan your journey to entrepreneurial success. Whether you’re focused on home-based business or aiming to scale up, investing in the best tumbler heat press machine is a key decision. Invest in high-quality equipment, streamline your operations, and watch your tumbler business flourish.

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